How to Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis: Set Your Own Expectations

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is featured as the Inspirational Luminary today, August 22nd. is a website and community committed to sharing wisdom with the world.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is a change agent: a mother, a health care advocate, a parenting educator, a writer, a community entrepreneur, a social worker, a public speaker, a facilitator, and a compassionate listener. She is also a certified professional coach, a socio-preneur, and an advocate for families living with ADHD.

The co-founder of, a global training and coaching resource for parents of kids with ADHD and related challenges, Elaine is a writer for the Huffington Post and others, a public speaker and regular presenter at national conferences. She serves on the national Board of Directors of CHADD (Children & Adults with ADD), and chairs the Membership & Affiliate Services committee.