Environmental/Gender Diversity Partnership Debuted at UN Framework Convention in Lima, Peru/COP 20…SeaTrust Institute & “The Global Girls and Women Project”!

Globally renowned Dr. Lynn Wilson/Sea Trust Institute and “The Global Learning Series”, Partner in Ongoing Mission to Highlight Women and Their Environmental Leadership Success Stories
December 12, 2014 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Olympia, WA – Dr. Lynn Wilson and SeaTrust Institute, together with John McGuire from “The Global Learning Series” and “The Global Girls and Women Project”, have joined forces for a long term partnership, to feature initiatives with regard to; climate change, education, policy, resilience and environmental action. “Both of our organizations feel strongly that it is very important to weave a global social responsibility/gender diversity thread through each environmental story, also focusing on issues and the contributions/successes of, girls and women. This beautiful messaging will be delivered through a global cloud of commentary/series of small powerful stories highlighting the resilience of the environment and the human spirit, noted Dr. Lynn Wilson, CEO/Executive Director of Sea Trust Institute.”

“There is a perfect culture/mission alignment between our organizations, regarding the issue of global environmental leadership/empowerment for women. Sea Trust Institute is well positioned, as a key strategic partner/cultural thought-leader with our program, “The Global Learning Series” and our global social responsibility/gender diversity initiative, “The Global Girls and Women Project.”, remarked John McGuire, Executive Producer, President and CEO.

This global collaboration involves many partners…if you are a celebrity, organization or a viewer, join our mission…you can assist this global movement with; your celebrity introduction/support, your organization sponsorship and/or expertise or your success stories/program ideas (KOL’s, fans and viewers). Visit the contact pages on these links; seatrustinstitute.org, theglobalgirlsandwomenproject.com, http://bit.ly/glsproject, http://bit.ly/glsbloggirlswomanproject

About Sea Trust Institute
Sea Trust Institute is an environmental research and educational nonprofit organization. Our project teams are actively working on environmental science and policy issues both locally and globally, placing SeaTrust Institute in a position to provide grassroots knowledge and information to the international decision arena and global knowledge in a usable context at community levels.

For more information, contact: www.seatrustinstitute.org

For more information about Dr. Wilson and her extensive work and accomplishments, including her work with the United Nations…www.seatrustinstitute.org/staff.html

See Dr. Wilson’s “Global Moment” Blog Interview with “The Global Learning Series”/“The Global Girls and Women Project” at: bit.ly/DrLynnWilsonGlobalMoment

About “The Global Learning Series” and “The Global Girls and Women Project”