EKR Therapeutics

This episode, “Understanding Critical Care,” educates viewers on important issues regarding the latest lifesaving advances in the emergency care, hospital setting environment.

“With the number of emergency rooms (ER) across the U.S. decreasing and the number of people seeking emergency treatment increasing, our nations’ emergency healthcare sector is at a crossroads,” says Jon Zwinski, EKR’s Senior Vice President of Sales. “Increases in ER visits means more reliance on tools used by ER doctors — especially life saving medicines. Medical caregivers — doctors, nurses, hospital pharmacists — look to industry leaders like EKR Therapeutics for the tools they need to provide the best possible patient care, saving lives in the process.”

The segment discusses how companies like EKR Therapeutics educate medical professionals on precisely how their products and technology can benefit patients. Through interviews with company executives and hospital pharmacy professionals, viewers will see how commitment to medical education and professional support for providers can improve patient care in the emergency room environment — where every second means the differences between life and death.