EKR Therapeutics

This episode, “Understanding Critical Care,” educates viewers on important issues regarding the latest lifesaving advances in the emergency care, hospital setting environment.

“With the number of emergency rooms (ER) across the U.S. decreasing and the number of people seeking emergency treatment increasing, our nations’ emergency healthcare sector is at a crossroads,” says Jon Zwinski, EKR’s Senior Vice President of Sales. “Increases in ER visits means more reliance on tools used by ER doctors — especially life saving medicines. Medical caregivers — doctors, nurses, hospital pharmacists — look to industry leaders like EKR Therapeutics for the tools they need to provide the best possible patient care, saving lives in the process.”

The segment discusses how companies like EKR Therapeutics educate medical professionals on precisely how their products and technology can benefit patients. Through interviews with company executives and hospital pharmacy professionals, viewers will see how commitment to medical education and professional support for providers can improve patient care in the emergency room environment — where every second means the differences between life and death.

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Ralfonso (Ralf Gschwend)

Dear Friends,

A sculpture called FEMININA (© 2013 Ralfonso.com LLC, www.ralfonso.com), is being dedicated to The Global Girls and Women Project (http://www.thegloballearningseries.tv/blog/category/news/), for The Global Learning Series!

As every year, I share my mid-year 2013 Kinetic Art Update with you.

We recently concluded the 1st International Kinetic Art Symposium and Exhibition in Boynton Beach, Florida – http://intlkineticartevent.org.

Ralfonso Summer message 2013

As President of KAO – the Kinetic Art Organization – I am happy to announce that our HD film documentary about this Kinetic Sculpture Public Art event is now online at:

http://youtu.be/xuXdVAxyFXs, as well as the 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition 8 min. Awards video, http://youtu.be/rMMxvTYfAt4 which showcases Kinetic Art from 32 kinetic artists from 8 Countries, including China, India, Switzerland, etc. on 4 Continents.

Join us for the upcoming 6 months “Mouvement & Lumiere” exhibition from June 1st to November 3rd 2013 at the Frank Popper Centre in Marcigny, France – see on left and for more detail the encl. invitation.

As quick update on recent installations, see a new video of my polished stainless steel kinetic wind-sculpture “Cube Tower” (26ft, 8m tall – without base) in the wonderful Changchun Sculpture Park in in the Jilin Province in Northeast China – see on the right above.

and my new Video Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ralfonso1

I will be at Art Basel on Tuesday the 11th of June – let me know if you are there and have time to meet up for a coffee…

We are hard at work to complete the 8m UNION kinetic sculpture group (25ft, 8m tall – without base) for the EOLA Park in Orlando and anticipate installation to be completed in September 2013 – see on the left.

Finally, I am thrilled and honored to be invited end of October 2013, to teach Kinetic Art at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, China for 3 weeks – let me know if you are there J.

With warm regards and a Yodel from the cold Geneva

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Short Bowel Support Feature

“The Global Learning Series” “Understanding GI Medicine/SBS”…The focus of this segment is on creating disease awareness of short bowel syndrome(SBS) including the definition of SBS, causes of SBS, current treatments(most specifically PN and/or IV fluid nutrition), the limitations of the current treatments(e.g. PN treats symptoms, not the underlying disease), the burden of current treatments for the patient( e.g. PN administration, side effects, long-term complications associated with PN and social limitations) and the overall unmet need.

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Life and art in motion

Ralfonso “Ralf” Gschwend is a Swiss designer of large environmentally interactive, kinetic, light and sound sculptures. As a kinetic artist he has pushed the boundaries of traditional, static art forms to introduce visual experiences through the interaction with the environment such as wind, light and water.

He is an award winner of the Beijing City Sculpture Competition 2007 and a winner in the “Contest of Landscape Sculpture Designs for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games”. His wind sculpture “Dance with the Wind” – 33 ft (10m) tall – was commissioned and permanently installed at the Olympic Park in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China (China) in 2008.

With his passion for Kinetic Art, he cofounded the Kinetic Art Organization (KAO) in 2001 with a German and a US fellow Kinetic Artist. Now, with more than 1000 members in over 60 countries KAO has become the largest kinetic art organization in the world. www.kinetic-art.org

Please tell us about what inspires you in your work?

My passion for this particular niche of sculptural art started very early. Even as a very young boy I was always fascinated with engineering, mechanics and design. From this fascination I started to design objects and sculptures that have a motion component. I am inspired by nature, by the shape and natural interaction of all the elements. So my sculptures gently move with the wind, the water, or when pushed by hand.

I believe that the art experience should be an active continuous exchange and discovery between art and viewer. So instead of a passive, static and one-sided viewing, I strongly believe it should be a dynamic interaction where the art and the viewer change, react and interact. With this quest for dynamic interaction and discovery, I now have started to design sculptures that can be viewed through social media – SMS, Internet, Smart Apps – locally and from all over the world. See as an example the EX STRATA sculpture in Beijing and the Netherlands at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OWX2_ksSwU

Who are your clients?

Clients for my large, site-specific public sculptures are mostly cities, such as our current UNION kinetic sculpture group project with the City of Orlando or Cities like Beijing, Zhengzhou, Wuhu, etc.

The second largest group of clients are developers of large, master planned developments, such as the Mass Transit Railway corporation (MTR) in China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or large corporations, such as the RBI Holding in the Russian Federation, or the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Corporation in the USA.

The third group of clients are Universities such as the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook in New York, the Tsinghua University in Beijing, or the University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands (NHL) where we are now developing a new internet and smart phone interactive

Light sculpture called EX STRATA III that will connect with the EX STRATA at Tsinghua University.

Lastly, I am starting to design much smaller sculptures, in the 60 cm to 3 m range for a few private clients who have commissioned me to design site specific sculptures for their gardens or homes.

Do you collaborate with other artists to make your art pieces or do you create them all from A to Z? I would love to collaborate with other artists, students and scientists, especially if they come from different disciplines.

From conception to the engineering and the achievement of the prototype I work on my own. I make the small sculptures, however for the larger size sculptures, once my little prototype is fine-tuned, I commission different Chinese companies which I have been collaborating with for the past ten years. We collaborate in synergy and I am always happy to receive suggestions from my Chinese colleagues on my original plan.

In China, people are flexible, curious, show a genuine interest for any type of art and are always open to learn new methods of work. Once a piece of art is done, it is shipped to the client.

How long can the entire process take from the conception to the final touch?

I am an intuitive person and sometimes I visualize the concept immediately, sometimes it takes weeks or months to finalize it. There are still some projects that I have started years ago waiting for me to find the “missing” element and to be finalized.

Life and art in motionWhat are your plans for the future? For me, life is about movements and interactions. Art is a way of life. I am extremely fortunate as my art brings me to see amazing places around the world, meet wonderful people and make new friends.

I am constantly exploring different approaches and methods. As an artist my goal is to push the envelope of interactive and dynamic public art, whether with sculptures that connect universities and cities via interactive art or by creating visual and audio feedback loops between the art and the viewer.

In order to explore this “bleeding edge” in design, materials and opportunities, I have worked with students at various technical Universities, such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and the Ecole poly technique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, and currently with the University of Applied Sciences (NHL) in the Netherlands. I really would like to do much more interaction with students for my projects, as it is a wonderful learning experience allowing me to discover new techniques.

This year, during the month of November, I will teach the very first Kinetic Art class in China, at the Tsinghua University. I believe kinetic art can make a major contribution and positive difference in the education of young people, especially if the learning is multidisciplinary.

This will be a new challenging experience at a cultural, personal and professional level for me. Teaching is also about interaction and learning to adapt to different audiences.

I am also currently discussing with large urban developers for the benefits of a master- planned strategic public art implementation approach. Here our concept is, to provide an overall art plan for completely novel and interactive art experiences for the visitors, residents, tenants of their large developments. So this calls much more for an overall curatorial and art master planning approach than the design of a single piece. As president of the KAO, I know most of the artists around the world that do this kind of contemporary kinetic and interactive art, so it is a great pleasure to be able to help create a thematic and harmonious approach to the art pieces in a new city or mixed use development, rather than the piecemeal approach so often seen.

Where can one admire your work?

My sculptures have so far been exhibited or permanently installed in Switzerland, The Netherlands, the Russian Federation, China, Germany, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), France and the USA.

My recent exhibitions include: “Art in Motion” in the Netherlands; “Ralfonso Kinetic Art” in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation; “MomentuM”, Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey, USA; the Changchun International Sculpture Park, China; the Inaugural Exhibition at Cuadro Gallery in Dubai, UAE, the Wuhu International Sculpture Park, China, etc.

Currently you can join us at the open air sculptures exhibition “Mouvement et Lumière” until 3 November 2013 at the “Centre d’art contemporain Frank Popper” in Marcigny, France.

As an artist you are also involved in a charity cause.

Yes, every year I create a sculpture and donate it to “The Sabrina Children’s Foundation” based in Geneva. The Foundation was created to provide support to children who suffer from cancer and their families through various initiatives. In 2010 the “Sabrina” sculpture was auctioned in Geneva for 24,000 Swiss francs, which I was really happy about. I am glad to work with charity causes, if I am asked.

Among all your work, what is your favorite piece?

The next one! My life is a quest for discovery. It is art that takes me on a life-long journey leading me to new places, new friends and new opportunities.

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How to Avoid a Mid-Life Crisis: Set Your Own Expectations

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is featured as the Inspirational Luminary today, August 22nd. InspireMeToday.com is a website and community committed to sharing wisdom with the world.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is a change agent: a mother, a health care advocate, a parenting educator, a writer, a community entrepreneur, a social worker, a public speaker, a facilitator, and a compassionate listener. She is also a certified professional coach, a socio-preneur, and an advocate for families living with ADHD.

The co-founder of ImpactADHD.com, a global training and coaching resource for parents of kids with ADHD and related challenges, Elaine is a writer for the Huffington Post and others, a public speaker and regular presenter at national conferences. She serves on the national Board of Directors of CHADD (Children & Adults with ADD), and chairs the Membership & Affiliate Services committee.

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Dr. Lynn Wilson – “Global Moment” Digital Print Interview

A “Global Moment” with our very good friend and global education partner…Dr. Lynn Wilson, the CEO/Executive Director of the renowned SeaTrust Institute, the environmental research and educational nonprofit organization.

“THE GLOBAL LEARNING SERIES” and “THE GLOBAL GIRLS AND WOMEN PROJECT”, John McGuire President and CEO/Executive Producer: Dr. Wilson, thank you very much for your time, please introduce yourself to our fans/followers/viewers and briefly describe your work and tell us about who/what inspires you…

Dr. Wilson: The people who inspire me are those individuals who care about one another, their communities, the environment and their world. Some of these are well known people like the former Irish President and United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Change, Mary Robinson. Others are much less well known like a young girl from a small island nation in the Pacific who is learning how to keep her community safe from the next cyclone by planting and nurturing mangrove forests.

It is the tireless effort of fellow NGO staff who work even when it is not “popular” politically or at the top of funders’ or constituents’ minds on the most important issues of our time. It is young people with special abilities who contribute their talents to an art competition on the global environment; it is volunteers who dedicate their time and professional expertise to ensuring that tomorrow is a preferable future for all.   And many of these are women and girls.

What inspires me is the natural world we are privileged to co-inhabit with other human cultures and with other species, all being interdependent. The “who” is not separate from the “what” as we are all part of that environment that sustains us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“THE GLOBAL LEARNING SERIES” and “THE GLOBAL GIRLS AND WOMEN PROJECT”, John McGuire Executive Producer: What are some of the organizations and groups you work with?

Dr. Wilson: SeaTrust Institute works will many kinds of organizations.  We work with other local and global NGOs and nonprofit partners like Africa’s Nurses Across the Borders, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Collaborative on Health and the Environment, a Spanish art curatorial service ArtPort Making Waves; youth organizations around the world and a host of scientists, private industry and academic partners ; we work with governmental and multilateral organizations like the African Union, WHO, ISDR, the Department of Women’s Affairs for Vanuatu, and the Director General of the National Emergency Management Agency in Nigeria; we work with universities like Kansas State University, the University of Ohio, University of Washington, Missouri University of Science and Technology and have collaborative research and education partners from institutions all over the world; we work with schools and youth organizations like Jensen Beach High School, a multi-school inner city neighborhood youth group in Chicago, Local Mexico Scouts, the African youth group UNOY and Malaysian based global youth organization WAY.

We also work within communities in the US and abroad such as villages in the Chiawa region of the Lower Zambezi River in Zambia and the island of Uripiv, Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Local officials, program directors, businesses and community leaders are part of our community partnership network.

“THE GLOBAL LEARNING SERIES” and “THE GLOBAL GIRLS AND WOMEN PROJECT”, John McGuire Executive Producer: What are your plans for the future?  Feel free to also discuss some of the very important environmental and social responsibility messaging that is “near and dear to your heart”, that you and I will be working on together with our two organizations, in the months ahead.

Dr. Wilson: John, our plans for the future are largely determined by what happens today; what must we learn that will help us plan for and help others develop that preferable future? With whom do we need to work to make swift and efficient progress towards resilience at the local and global levels? One of SeaTrust Institute’s mottos is “Local to Global: and Back Again(SM)” and we believe it is by working at both the micro and macro scales that we can have real impact on local communities (micro) and on the policy that makes local projects possible and better targeted for effect (macro).

For many years I have mentored young women, sometimes more formally through science career advice and experiences, but often less formally through helping them navigate social systems to find their power and contributions. This year, in our partnership with you, John, and The Global Girls and Women Project, I am excited to be able to focus on that.

More specifically, 2015 global research and international projects include one in West Africa as part of a multinational climate change resilience and disaster risk reduction capacity building team for health workers and first responders; one in Vanuatu with the Uripiv Island Melakel to engage youth in driving local climate change adaptation strategies and implementation in their community; a research initiative on the linkages between ocean health and human health with local research conducted along the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States. With other partners through our policy work at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), we are currently developing an additional overseas project in 2015, likely in the Pacific Islands as well as a youth driven climate change adaptation project in Leon, Mexico in league with the World Scouts. These projects use SeaTrust Institute’s Halcyon Adaptation Scenario (SM) framework for designing and implementing community chosen, science and local knowledge informed methods that are culturally sensitive as well as globally relevant, using human health as a gauge of successful choices.

Working within the UNFCCC, we will be presenting at COP21 in Paris, France as well as participating in the negotiations preceding that important event during which many of the global climate change and environmental/social policy instruments will be reauthorized or launched as new initiatives in accordance with the newest science in the IPCC AR5 report. We are part of a number of policy groups and taskforces related to these new initiatives. In conjunction with the UN meetings in this and other regimes, we will be leveraging our expanding partnerships in new areas and across disciplines such as with art curatorial service in Spain to engage artists with climate change awareness and education at COP21, and the global launch of our successful 2014 show that highlights the contributions of an often overlooked vulnerable population –  people with special abilities –in the Second Annual SeaTrust Institute Juried Art Show for Students with Special Abilities. This year we also plan to launch an initiative in the United States that links education with domestic climate change policies in key states. More information on that will be released in the coming months.

Our education initiatives include internships (virtual research internships and onsite intern experiences) and our pre-university program, AWARE (Action Within a Resilient Environment (SM) ) for which high school students receive community service credits for graduation requirements in the US and globally. We engage students in many areas of our research and policy work, depending upon the student’s program, university program and support and contributions to our projects within any given year. 2015 continues this trend with special concentrations on the Small Island Developing States (SIDS), West Africa health, climate change and disaster preparedness, and the linkages between ocean health and human health.  We have interns from multiple universities taking part in our research projects. Both interns and AWARE students first take a 4-week online course we have developed to prepare them to undertake their community service project (high school students) or to meaningfully contribute to our research and policy projects as an intern.

Within each of these projects, SeaTrust Institute takes special pride in working with girls and women, and helping them to take their place in leading the creation of community resilience through knowledge, sharing and empowerment. We cannot wait to get started with the Global Girls and Women project.

So it is looking like a pretty busy year, and we aren’t even finished with this one yet! Every year at the UNFCCC meetings like the one we are going to in Peru Dec 1-12, 2014, new liaisons span new projects. With climate change effects now being felt and acknowledged by people in every sector and in every corner of the world, we will carefully choose those projects in 2015 and beyond where we feel our contributions can best be used by people in local communities.

“THE GLOBAL LEARNING SERIES” and “THE GLOBAL GIRLS AND WOMEN PROJECT”, John McGuire Executive Producer:  Please tell us about…local and global community involvement… boards, organizations, NGO’s, non-profits, etc., that you are involved with.

Dr. Wilson: (Some of this is referenced above – I can expand if you’d like later but on the more personal side…) I am a Board member for the Ancient World Institute, run by archaeologist Farland Stanley of the University of Oklahoma; I work with Bellevue College on a project funded by the US Department of Labor to create a veterans health information technology apprenticeship so that veterans can have a career pathway in Health IT; and I  a volunteer for coastal cleanup details and as an official Beach Naturalist to help interpret the creatures and features of our local beaches to residents and visitors. Occasionally I get to sing as part of a community choir for local events or for people who cannot get out due to age or illness.

“THE GLOBAL LEARNING SERIES” and “THE GLOBAL GIRLS AND WOMEN PROJECT”, John McGuire Executive Producer:  Please share your hobbies or personal interests, this information is very helpful in putting a “human touch” on your biography, for our audiences.

Dr. Wilson: The ocean and coasts are my hobby as well as my work (nice when one can mix the two!) I am out there every chance I get and/or messing about with boats.  I started out college as a voice major/piano minor and I enjoy making, listening to and sharing music of all sorts. I’ve done everything from classical concerts to community theater to pick-up bands.  I’m told I’m a pretty good and creative cook (my interns last summer took pictures every night of the meals and the daily saying from our Program Director Jennifer Mwangi was “fine dining with a million dollar view!”)

I love to garden, never met a dog I didn’t like and am untiringly fascinated by wildlife. So of course I love to get out in nature and hike but I’m never without my camera as photography is another of my passions.  Living on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, I have daily opportunities right outside my door.  My plan in 2015 is to study for my boat captain’s license and get more involved with the boating community for fun as well as for our research at SeaTrust Institute.  Work takes me interesting places and since I love to travel and engage with new cultures, this again is how I blend work as part of life!

“THE GLOBAL LEARNING SERIES” and “THE GLOBAL GIRLS AND WOMEN PROJECT”, John McGuire Executive Producer:  Dr. Wilson, thank you very much for your time today and for sharing your important work, with our global fans, followers and viewers!

Dr. Wilson: Thank you, John, for allowing me to share my passion for my work, this incredible life and all the wonderful people with whom I am privileged to associate.

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Environmental/Gender Diversity Partnership Debuted at UN Framework Convention in Lima, Peru/COP 20…SeaTrust Institute & “The Global Girls and Women Project”!

Globally renowned Dr. Lynn Wilson/Sea Trust Institute and “The Global Learning Series”, Partner in Ongoing Mission to Highlight Women and Their Environmental Leadership Success Stories
December 12, 2014 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Olympia, WA – Dr. Lynn Wilson and SeaTrust Institute, together with John McGuire from “The Global Learning Series” and “The Global Girls and Women Project”, have joined forces for a long term partnership, to feature initiatives with regard to; climate change, education, policy, resilience and environmental action. “Both of our organizations feel strongly that it is very important to weave a global social responsibility/gender diversity thread through each environmental story, also focusing on issues and the contributions/successes of, girls and women. This beautiful messaging will be delivered through a global cloud of commentary/series of small powerful stories highlighting the resilience of the environment and the human spirit, noted Dr. Lynn Wilson, CEO/Executive Director of Sea Trust Institute.”

“There is a perfect culture/mission alignment between our organizations, regarding the issue of global environmental leadership/empowerment for women. Sea Trust Institute is well positioned, as a key strategic partner/cultural thought-leader with our program, “The Global Learning Series” and our global social responsibility/gender diversity initiative, “The Global Girls and Women Project.”, remarked John McGuire, Executive Producer, President and CEO.

This global collaboration involves many partners…if you are a celebrity, organization or a viewer, join our mission…you can assist this global movement with; your celebrity introduction/support, your organization sponsorship and/or expertise or your success stories/program ideas (KOL’s, fans and viewers). Visit the contact pages on these links; seatrustinstitute.org, theglobalgirlsandwomenproject.com, http://bit.ly/glsproject, http://bit.ly/glsbloggirlswomanproject

About Sea Trust Institute
Sea Trust Institute is an environmental research and educational nonprofit organization. Our project teams are actively working on environmental science and policy issues both locally and globally, placing SeaTrust Institute in a position to provide grassroots knowledge and information to the international decision arena and global knowledge in a usable context at community levels.

For more information, contact: www.seatrustinstitute.org

For more information about Dr. Wilson and her extensive work and accomplishments, including her work with the United Nations…www.seatrustinstitute.org/staff.html

See Dr. Wilson’s “Global Moment” Blog Interview with “The Global Learning Series”/“The Global Girls and Women Project” at: bit.ly/DrLynnWilsonGlobalMoment

About “The Global Learning Series” and “The Global Girls and Women Project”

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